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For most people the purchase of a new home is life's single largest expense. That certainly was true when Martha and I bought our home from Mark Greer Properties. Unfortunately there is a lot of the can't open the hood, kick the tires, and look inside. But we were lucky and found a truly honest builder who takes pride in providing an exceptional product. Price wise, we have a modest home, but quality wise, you usually find our granite counter tops, top level appliances, huge garage, and foam insulation in much more expensive homes. The best recommendation we can point out is we met Mark for the first time four years ago and we have become great friends. How many homeowners can say that about their builder?

Terry and Martha Strange
Pecan Plantation

Our Work

All materials used in a Mark Greer Home meet or exceed all residential construction codes
   • All studs are solid wood
   • We never use finger-joint studs
   • 100 year warranty Clay Brick
   • We don't buy Mexican Brick

All Mark Greer Homes are insulated with a urethane foam providing an R-55 to R-60 rating in the ceilings. An enclosed foam envelope is also available – adding an additional 10% efficiency.
Additional Energy Saving Factors Include:
   • Vinyl Low-E Windows
   • Tankless Water Heaters
   • High Efficiency Heat and Air System

Mark Greer Homes takes pride in using quality sub-contractors. A finished home is only as good as the people who put it together.

The design and layout of a home along with the materials chosen to finish the interior make the home pleasing and desirable to the owner, but the nuts and bolts of the construction will assure a comfortable and hassle free place to enjoy your life.